Importance of Metadata Cataloging in Research

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Importance of Metadata Cataloging in Research

Leveraging the DataLogger for Metadata Cataloging establishes a singular view of the meaningful attributes for your data and identifies access rights to this data.

Data in Science Technologies is proposing the concept of a central Data Catalog called DataLogger, analyzes identified data sets and extracts the metadata into a searchable catalog.

Read this informative whitepaper to learn more about how Metadata cataloging helps management make informed compliance decisions around Metadata and data created.

It addresses:

  • What are the features provided by DataLogger when it augments with HPC and analytics systems?

  • How does DataLogger help in solving the Data Management issues?

  • How does Data Logging work? What are the research facilities provided by the DataLogger?

  • How research data can be systematically identified with a Data Catalog System?

This Whitepaper on '' Importance of Metadata Cataloging'' highlights:

  • Implementation of Data Catalog System

  • Metadata Management Strategy around Research

  • DataLogger Security and Features

  • Taking full control of your Data Management using DataLogger

  • Identifying what data exists in the environment

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