BioIT Solutions: A Cure for Biotech’s Data Management Headache

CIO VendorMichael R. Fannon, President
Over the past several years, advancements in genomics, proteomics, and related research technologies have multiplied the amount and variety of data scientists work with every day. The increased complexity of managing biological data is a key challenge in the biotech industry. BioIT Solutions surmounts the challenges by focusing its energy and expertise on biotechnology specialties, including genomic research, drug discovery, drug development, diagnostics, clinical operations, and intellectual property management. “Our solutions enable Life Sciences partners to focus on core activities by removing information management obstacles,” says Michael Fannon, President of BioIT Solutions.

Learned from his years of experience as CIO and Director of Gene Discovery for Human Genome Sciences, Fannon defines BioIT’s three key strategies: “First is our team’s proven expertise in biotechnology and our ability to bridge scientific work and business needs with a common solution. Second is a deployment methodology that complements the scientific process. And, finally, we bundle this accumulated knowledge in a software platform that accurately models biological data and automates routine IT functions.”

We are seeing the application of genome re¬search in the rapidly growing field of per¬sonalized medicine. “Think about the implications of sequencing an individual’s genome with high precision. To use a genome se¬quence for diagnostic purposes we need to compare it with well-characterized genomes. As this sort of test becomes common, we quickly see the challenge: huge quantities of information must be managed and interpreted. Further, the interpre¬tation will evolve as a deeper understanding of the ge¬nome’s influence on disease progression is understood,” says Fannon.

In contrast to using different applications for every function, BioIT developed an innovative informatics platform, 1Platform4, to integrate multiple scientific and business processes into a logical,
consistent and responsive web application. The process begins with deployment of highly configurable software installed on a secure internet server. Then, the customer’s data needs, workflow rules and access control requirements are captured in specification objects managed by 1Platform4. Customers work with early versions of the system, gaining experience and influencing the next iteration where specification objects and rules are added and changed. Their system evolves organically in a manner that fits the way they work. “We are an enterprise provider for the biotech companies. We offer highly tailored solutions while avoiding the disadvantages of custom software development,” states Fannon.

The platform’s power is evident when data is shared among multiple organizations. In one example, a diagnostics company approached BioIT to streamline the process for insurance reimbursement. “We implemented a solution that automatically sends patient details to the billing company before conducting the laboratory test, resulting in early resolution of errors and faster reimbursements. Our ability to solve both business and scientific problems is the foundation for our innovations,” Fannon adds.

Our customers manage their important scientific data and intellectual property on a secure, responsive, and reliable internet platform

BioIT Solutions keeps a close watch on emerging technologies in biotechnology and IT. The company continues to invest in its 1Platform4 software extending its functions and reducing system deployment times. BioIT has plans to extend its integration with cloud computing platforms and more fully embrace mobile device access. “We will evolve along with our customers, adapting to changes in research technologies and offering solutions that provide real customer value,” Fannon concludes.

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