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Suvro Ghosh, CEO
A couple of years and five back, a gray cloud of concern settled over Suvro Ghosh, CEO, ClinZen LLC, that grew thicker, darker, and heavier each day. It wasn't Suvro alone, though; the alarm bells screamed for change, everywhere in the Clinical Trial space.

The issue was the plurality of declining efficiency from many areas in Clinical Trials, in an avalanche of instances, by software systems used to manage clinical trials. The very things that were supposed to make things better were making things worse. Poor user acceptance succeeded accordingly by inadequate data quality. As an outcome, even a tiny portion of this is leading to an enormous wastage of time and resource. This revelation came in repetition to him during his long tenure in various Clinical and Research systems led him to ponder. “I once witnessed a predicament with a date field in an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that billed the Tax Payers USD 1.75 Trillion,” says Ghosh. “That instance was an eye-opener, which portrayed how a flash of a snowflake can snowball into an avalanche of defects and imperfections including redundant business processes, misleading data, and incorrect conclusions,” he recollects. Ghosh actively investigated the biopharmaceutical landscape to find that along the various axis that matter, none of the companies rendering solutions for clinical trials and healthcare management stood, in spite of the number.

He then decided to explore the path that was rarely taken in the biotech industry—retooling the next generation clinical trial space with a suite of products that cuts the time or resource consumption by more than half. With this goal, Ghosh founded ClinZen in 2012 for helping biotech companies streamline clinical trials, standardize processes, and empower decision making by offering the full range of collaborative efficiency tools. “Our umbrella of strategic solutions is a result of our strong focus on three key terms—innovate, engineer, and think,” says Ghosh, "the thinking part being the strength."

Through Ghosh’s experience, ClinZen was pushed into a whole new dimension gathering the operational efficiency, technical innovation, including product development to provide a Cloud-based Clinical Trial Management System. The CTMS handles large volumes of clinical data utilized by research institutions to conduct trials predominantly for testing the impacts of pharmaceutical drugs on humans. The system not only maintains and manages the design and preparation of the study but also governs the planning, operation, and reporting clinical trials. These functions by its ability to keep up-to-date participants’ information and track project deadlines. “Our system is data-centric, user-friendly, and flexible to meet highly advanced needs of today’s e-clinical industry,” says Ghosh. Pointing his focus primarily towards flexibility and scalability, Ghosh says, “Most of the time, organizations pay for what they do not use.” While the total cost of owning and maintaining the infrastructure remains high, the period of software, hardware, and server utilization keeps fluctuating.

The sudden upshot in expenditures is a common conundrum that most organizations fail to bear. Here ClinZen comes to the rescue of several enterprises that strive to gain seamless access and reduce overall infrastructural costs.
ClinZen’s usage based CTMS model allows enterprises to take software and servers on a lease and pay moderately. “We only charge for what our customers use,” exclaims Ghosh.

A successful entrepreneur must have an ability to look beyond the big wall, and take a chance without using calculator or compass

Disseminating In-depth Cognizance

As the age-old spreadsheets fail to empower reviewers to discover, interpret, and understand the clinical trends behind the screen, ClinZen’s visualizations makes this viable. The method provides ample time for large evaluators to monitor the on-going studies keenly and efficiently. It offers insight-driven dashboards with visuals to automate the analytics and reporting. The panels display clinical data in a graphical composition to facilitate analysts to understand adverse events, safety issues, concomitant medications, and other vital signs. The focus of software also extends to drilling down on subject profiles and subject narratives—including statistically significant inputs such as age, sex, race and ethnicity—to present unbiased, real-time interactive information on study performances and clinical metrics. “Our solution is a tool of intelligence that bridges the clinical-statistical divide,” points out Ghosh.

Apart from assisting clinical enterprises through Visual, Ghosh shares his vision to help the pharmaceutical industries eliminate Paper Case Report Forms (pCRF)—a method of collecting large volumes of data from subjects. With this idea, Ghosh and his team went back to the drawing board and designed an enterprise-class Electronic Data Capture (EDC) application to automate the entire data accumulation process. The EDC prunes study time lags and cost, thereby enabling Principal Investigator and study managers to control their research efficiently. “Our tool is the powerful yet reasonable choice for clinical firms because of its ability to run on all the key mobile and computing platforms,” says Ghosh.

Values that Matter

As a self-taught business person who recognizes the real value of taking risks, Ghosh says, “A successful entrepreneur must have an ability to look beyond the big wall, and take a chance without using calculator or compass.” This philosophy acts as persistent guide-light for Ghosh to disrupt the status quo and find novel ways to improve the current state of affairs in the realm of biotech. Based on these beliefs, ClinZen will continue the path of innovation and invest its potential in technology to forge up-to-date and cutting-edge offerings for biotech establishments. “We are always working to make biotech a matured industry by helping companies gain significant result on every dollar spent.” This dedication to bringing something constructive into people’s lives has been an essential quality for ClinZen’s voyage and Ghosh’s entrepreneurial spirit. “Entrepreneurship is embarking on a journey fueled by gut instinct. Don’t panic, don’t listen to anyone, and just follow your heart. Once a person learns it: ‘the sky is the limit,’” concludes Ghosh.

ClinZen LLC

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Suvro Ghosh, CEO

A provider of sea of collaborative efficiency tools to help biopharmaceutical industry slash time and resource consumption by more than half

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