DNAnexus: Migrating Genomic Data to Cloud

Richard Daly, CEO
The advent of large scale data generation projects and web based cloud computing has revolutionized the way computational genomics is performed. These sophisticated computing resources have tailored new solutions to model the complex wealth of information on gene expression giving it a new dimension. It has replaced the traditional genomic approaches of sequencing with integrative and translational genomics. Headquartered at Mountain View, CA, DNAnexus enables companies to address the challenges of security and scalability of genomic data with expertise in computational biology as well as cloud computing.

“We have helped top biopharmaceutical companies, leading genome centers, pioneering diagnostic test providers, and consortia globally accelerate their genomics programs,” extols Richard Daly, CEO, DNAnexus. The company, through its platform, enables its clients to analyze large volumes of sequencing data, integrate with clinical data in a compliant environment and collaborate seamlessly and safely. “The DNAnexus platform provides customers with a secure place for genomic data and allows them to keep pace with global genetic testing market,” elucidates Daly. Using the platform, users can upload data to cloud quickly ensuring data integrity and accelerating their genomics projects. “We believe the cloud is the most secure place for genomic data and the only technology capable of keeping pace with the growth of the clinical diagnostics market,” adds Daly. Users can build a custom pipeline or port their local pipeline to cloud for quick workflow building. In addition, all data, tools and workflows are tracked and controlled in accordance with laws and regulations of HIPAA, CLIA and GCP.

The DNAnexus platform has been designed to host a variety of genome sequencing tools and applications for clinical research and advancing genomic medicine. The platform also lowers compute and storage costs by bench marking services for cost and time-optimized instance type selection. It boosts the sequencing capacity of firms and allows users to monitor their pipelines effectively. DNAnexus supports collaboration without transferring files between sites, all the data is in one location and can be accessed by any permitted person from anywhere. To further strengthen data security, the data is stored in high end physical data centers and are fully encrypted.

The company has also set its foot in precision medicine and has been selected by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to build precisionFDA—a new approach to evaluate bioinformatics workflows—to comprehend diagnostic tests by incorporating next generation technologies.

We have helped top biopharmaceutical companies, leading genome centers, pioneering diagnostic test providers, and consortia globally accelerate their genomics programs

DNAnexus platform will offer test developers a flexible method for evaluating the reproducibility of next-generation sequencing workflows and share the results with collaborators and FDA. “DNAnexus will deliver precisionFDA to create a community around open-source genomic analysis pipelines, reference data, and analytical processing resources,” extols Daly.

The prowess of the company’s platform can be evident from its contribution to the ‘Genome Research’ carried out by ENCODE consortium. The research scientists at ENCODE consortium looked at 119 human transcription factors to understand the positioning and modifications of nucleosomes. To process these large datasets was a challenging task. DNAnexus helped them upload their sequence files to cloud and simplified the preprocessing of data with the company’s mapping tool. “DNAnexus made processing of massive datasets incredibly simple and helped us increase accuracy,” explains Anshul Kundaje, Research Scientist, ENCODE Consortium.

With a strong foothold in the bioinformatics market, the company aims to refurbish various genomics projects and researches in the future. Further, it will focus on forming a collaboration network to drive substantial growth in the bioinformatics arena. “We will continue to build a global network through our integrated genome informatics and data management platform,” affirms Daly.


Mountain View, CA

Richard Daly, CEO

Provides expertise in bioinformatics and cloud computing for genomic medicine