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Thomas Kent, President
Today, the biotechnology industry is making large investments in drug development, R&D is being globalized more than ever, and organizations are leveraging new technologies that include both rapid science advancement and software innovations. As a result, biotechnology is emerging as an area of activity having tremendous impact on virtually all domains of human welfare. “Genomics is being applied to human healthcare and is yielding exciting insights into understanding the structure of the genome, including the sequencing of DNA and mapping of genes. It provides clues to the interplay of genetic and environmental factors in health and disease,” states Thomas Kent, President, Maverix Biomics. “Genomic research holds the key to addressing many challenges, such as big data, scalability, and delivery of accurate and timely solutions for biologists.”

Subsequently, the application of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is growing prominently in genomic research and clinical diagnostics. In such a scenario, San Mateo-based Maverix Biomics provides researchers and healthcare providers with effective NGS data analysis capabilities and helps them deliver better science and healthcare advancements, while overcoming traditional bottlenecks and accelerating the pace of discovery and diagnostic results.

Maverix Biomics offers an open, cloud-based platform integrating best-in-class open-source software that anticipates user needs, enables communities of discovery, and integrates data in context with the latest genomic information. “Our solutions allow life science researchers to analyze, visualize, interrogate, and manage biological data to accelerate exploration and discovery,” says Kent. The Maverix WAVES platform greatly simplifies NGS analytics and delivers a complete solution for users in a secure cloud environment. The platform is comprised of ready-to-use, prebuilt data analysis pipelines that are constructed with comprehensive analytic components. It consists of a user-friendly interface for launching and viewing analysis results with a broad array of visualizations and the ability to download the data files. The platform has a scalable compute processing infrastructure and data management features for handling raw sequence data. “The Maverix WAVES solution has been validated to ensure accuracy,” affirms Kent.

Our solutions allow life science researchers to analyze, visualize, interrogate, and manage biological data to accelerate exploration and discovery

Additionally, the Maverix DX platform provides the framework and backbone for delivering NGS-based diagnostic tests, including clinical and companion diagnostics with rapid turnaround time, and can be implemented in a regulatory-compliant environment such as the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA). It is designed to automatically process high volumes of data, and support the necessary workflow for test report approval before releasing to clinicians. The Maverix Dx offering can also be extended to include a “Provider Portal” that will help connect physicians to a lab and present online clinical test results to diagnostics patients.

Maverix’s expertise and experience with NGS and bioinformatics has enabled researchers to meet their research goals and objectives efficiently. For instance, “a drug developer was working to determine the efficacy of specific drug candidates and measurements of patient responses based on genetic patterns and use of NGS analysis,” reveals Kent. Maverix offered its solutions to the drug developer, which helped them to determine the genetic patterns of different patients, further allowing the researchers to identify likely responders to the drug candidates.

Moving parallel with the evolving trends, Maverix Biomics is focused on continually delivering solutions that permit researchers to gain biological insights from their experiments in the simplest way. “We intend to continue our leadership role by providing best-of-breed ‘gold standard’ data analysis solutions, and partnering with CIOs and the scientific community that we serve. We believe that our efforts will help propel greater advancements in science and healthcare,” concludes Kent.

Maverix Biomics

San Mateo, CA

Thomas Kent, President

A provider of open, intuitive cloud-based platform integrating best-in-class open-source software

Maverix Biomics