MediSapiens: Turning Biomedical Data into Actionable Insights

Sami Kilpinen, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO
Big biomedical data is fueling the next discoveries in drug research, companion diagnostics and personalized medicine by unleashing the insights out of large datasets of medical, clinical, genomics data. However, one of the biggest challenges the bio-tech firms face today is difficulty in accessing and utilizing the data, caused by lack of proper Bio-IT tools. Located in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, MA, MediSapiens is integrating and creating platforms to store, manage, share and visualize the big biomedical data for efficient data access and analysis. “We are serving on a need-driven basis and developing solutions to meet the customer needs rapidly and cost-effectively by using our existing, widely applicable technology foundation,” begins Sami Kilpinen, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO, MediSapiens.

Founded in 2009, MediSapiens offers Bio-IT and bioinformatics solutions. All the solutions are built on company’s flagship technology platform called Explorer, which comprises a large amount of ready, industry-tested and industry-used components. The platform is a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution that can be modified for most bio-IT purposes. It helps store and manage genomics sequence, biological measurement, thoroughly curated clinical and genomicdata in an integrated and comprehensive database solution. Explorer comes with a market leading set of tools for managing and interpreting genomics in an intuitive, user-friendly web based graphical user interface. As an example, MediSapiens-built technology is used as strategic software in the pharmaceutical industry with hundreds of active users.

MediSapiens is also a partner in digitalizing products, services and processes in bio-related fields, such as diagnostics, biotech, CROs and other life science companies. Today, digitalization isone of the major growth and competitive advantage drivers, and MediSapiens helps its customers in generating added value by digitalization and providing them with an improved user experience. The solutions are always science-backed. “Our strong scientific team can help customers in speeding up their research and development activities, and even gain new insights, by dedicating our bioinformatics and biological expertise to a customer research question,” says Kilpinen.

Our aim is to facilitate the transformation of complex data into knowledge and turn the science into simple and powerful solutions

MediSapiens offers the different solutions to a variety of customer segments, including pharma, biotech, biobanks, CROs, diagnostics, research and to the clinical, healthcare and personalized medicine field.

The company has worked diligently to build strong customer relationships, solving some of the most complex business challenges. One of their clients, Genoscoper Laboratories, envisioned building a ground breaking DNA testing service for dogs—MyDogDNA. The company needed a partner to build a novel custom-made bioinformatics and bio-IT solution around that idea, and decided to partner with MediSapiens. Today, MyDogDNA uses MediSapiens’s Bio-IT technology to perform comprehensive interpretation of animal genetics at both individual and population levels, and MediSapiens maintains a comprehensive global database and web portal to serve canine health professionals as well as regular dog owners and breeders. “MediSapiens differentiates itself from other bio-IT service providers in its ability to create unique and innovative solutions to meet the precise needs of a customer, while committing to projects as along-term partner instead of working as an external software provider,” says Tuomas Poskiparta, Director of Genoscoper Laboratories.

MediSapiens’s goal is to drive research, discoveries and medicine forward by developing tools that turn data it into knowledge that fuels innovation. “Our aim is to facilitate the transformation of complex data into knowledge and turn the science into simple and powerful solutions,” says Kilpinen. MediSapiens continues to develop new solutions, products and services derived from biological and medical sciences. “We are absolutely in the sweet spot of using top-notch IT to drive and support the global digital revolution in the biomedical field” concludes Kilpinen.


Cambridge, MA Helsinki, Finland

Sami Kilpinen, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO and KalleOjala, Vice-CEO & Marko Kuisma, Business Development Director

A company building easy-to-use software to manage, analyze and visualize the vast pool of biomedicaldata and digitalize bio-businesses