Golden Helix: Spearheading Innovation in the Biotech Industry

Andreas Scherer, President & CEO
The biotech industry, being influenced by many factors, is a rapidly changing climate of cutting edge technology. Golden Helix is at the forefront of innovative bioinformatics and leads the technology industry in the advancement of research in life sciences and translational medicine. With nearly two decades of data analytics experience, Golden Helix is today a premier provider of advanced analytics capabilities in the genomics market space focused on three aspects: value, quality, and customer satisfaction.

“Golden Helix’s original goal was to support researchers in their study of underlying genetic causes of diseases and characteristics,” says Andreas Scherer, President and CEO of Golden Helix. Over time, the company has evolved to focus on the clinical market to help maximize diagnostics and treatment options for diseases.

According to Scherer, Golden Helix has overcome the challenges of the changing technological landscape by creating solutions to support expanding data sets of its clients. “Our core competence is delivering highly scalable infrastructure that underlies our analytics products,” states Scherer. The company works alongside its clients as partners and understands their particular areas of focus. “We use our domain knowledge to create products that support clinical and research workflows at the highest level of convenience for our clients,” he adds.

Furthermore, Golden Helix consults with leading industry experts to create solutions for market challenges. “Our clients are at the forefront of precision medicine and its application in specific disease categories ranging from cancer and hereditary diseases to prenatal screening,” explains Scherer. “Naturally, these experts have a deep understanding of the underlying workflows.” This method allows Golden Helix to design precision software that enables expert users to calibrate the solutions to their needs. At the same time, Golden Helix also ensures that their software appeals to users who prefer a simpler approach. Today, more than 350 organizations, including testing labs, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and major research organizations utilize Golden Helix’s analytical software for clinical and research trials.

Golden Helix provides solutions that inspire the discovery process and empowers researchers and clinicians.

Golden Helix provides solutions that inspire the discovery process and empowers researchers and clinicians

This assists both research and clinical processes to gain momentum while saving their clients time and research costs. Scherer emphasizes, “We have developed a powerful technology stack that allows us to support a number of products in the genomics space.”

Numerous innovative strategies are employed by Golden Helix as measures to assist in product development. The company has stakeholders comprised of a network of industry experts, which enhances product prioritization and specifications thereof. “We want to make sure that our internal product development is centered closely around our clients’ needs,” states Scherer.

In addition, Golden Helix works closely with universities and colleges as they engage in technology transfer. “We support R&D efforts in universities that are synergistic with our roadmap,” comments Scherer. The company has extensive relationships with universities such as Harvard, and on numerous occasions, Golden Helix has brought to market the technology developed by university researchers.

Golden Helix intends to remain competitive in the market for years to come by being innovative. “2017 is starting fast and furious at Golden Helix. We just announced a new imputation capability for our analytics tool—SNP & Variation Suite,” says Scherer. “Perhaps more importantly, we are making strides in improving our copy number variation capabilities in our clinical application— VarSeq. The ability to perform both gene panel and whole exome analysis in one tool removes the need for labs to manage both NGS and microarray data, simplifying the clinical workflow.”

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Andreas Scherer, President & CEO

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