Hawkins Point Partners: Serving Life Sciences, Driven by the Resulting Client Experience

Steve Mersky, President & Co-Founder
In 2012, Heather Morris Kyer, Steve Mersky, and John Cornwall set out to build a consultancy that leveraged experience and commitment to serving Life Sciences organizations. With a focus on providing high-end technology consulting services, the team took on the endeavor of serving Biotechs. “Many CIOs face similar challenges,” states Mersky. “They must effectively move to the Cloud, transform data into information, and optimize Digital to get closer to the patient, payers, providers.” The North Chelmsford, MA based company serves an industry in a current environment of the politicization of drug prices, the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and the need to constantly innovate research. They seek to help their clients meet these and other challenges.

Hawkins Point is a team of dedicated technology professionals with deep domain expertise in Drug discovery, Drug Development, Quality (Validated systems), Compliance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Commercial. Hawkins Point supports emerging pre-launch firms and mature post-commercial clients. They deliver both strategic and tactical solutions allowing clients to focus on the science while they concentrate on the Information Technology necessary to move from Proof of Concept, to trials, and beyond.

“By serving a diverse customer base, we bring our understanding of the changing solution landscape and evolve our approach, skills, and experience, constantly distilling that information to deliver what our clients need,” Mersky says. Hawkins Point’s approach is to engage in business discussions with decision makers, understand their unique challenges, and collaboratively and creatively craft solutions to those challenges. “We offer non-prescriptive solution architecture, seeking opportunities for clients to consume relevant and meaningful solutions to specific business problems,” says Mersky.

The services that Hawkins Point delivers help address major challenges for the industry. They help clients move to the Cloud by defining strategy, selecting solutions, implementation planning, and providing governance and management during execution.

We deliver exactly what we promise to deliver, done right the first time, with no surprises, no matter what it takes

They also help clients transform data into information, being faced with an explosion of volume, velocity, and sources of data. And they support the optimization of Digital, enabling organizations to get closer to the patient, payers, and providers.

In one of their implementation highlights, a company had accelerated the FDA approval process and found themselves in need of achieving commercialization quickly. Hawkins Point assisted the client in evaluating and selecting necessary operational systems including ERP, Collaboration, CRM, Safety solutions, etc. After software selection, the client was then faced with a daunting task of managing multiple software vendors and implementation partners. The client engaged Hawkins Point to establish effective governance and project management process, and to manage the overall program to successful implementation.

“We are able to solve a wide range of business problems,” states Mersky. The team of senior management consultants at Hawkins Point has deep expertise in the Program/Project Management, Business Analysis, and Architecture. “Our approach is to take our deep understanding of industry best practices, and apply them in a common sense manner, taking into consideration unique cultures and circumstances,” states Mersky. “This is a major aspect of our non-prescriptive approach to delivering solutions for our clients.”

“We proudly serve the Life Sciences community,” states Mersky. “We have had the privilege over many years of working with countless professionals, who consistently strive in a good faith effort to improve the quality of life for patients. We, as technology professionals, are committed to working along with the people in this industry.”

Hawkins Point Partners

North Chelmsford, MA

Steve Mersky, President & Co-Founder and Heather Morris Kyer, CEO & Co-Founder

A team of dedicated technology professionals committed to results that improve clients’ condition. Hawkins Point is driven by the Resulting Client Experience

Hawkins Point Partners