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SeraCare and ViveBio Partner to Market Integrated Technology in the IVD Sector

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: SeraCare Life Sciences, a partner to in vitro diagnostics manufacturers announces an  alliance with ViveBio, a biotechnology company to market and sell their combined technologies into the in- vitro diagnostic development (IVD) market.

ViveBio’s preanalytic products are based on the ViveST Technology that allow sample collection, transport and storage in a dried, shelf stable format that disrupts the traditional limitations on specimen collection in poor resource regions and alternate site collections with its stabilizing matrix and room temperature storage. “With our ViveST technology, remote specimen collection that is matched with stabilized QC controls will enable diagnostic developers to test more patients with these new diagnostic platforms," says Timothy W. Murray, President, ViveBio.

SeraCare develops, markets and sells a range of products, technologies and services that boost the development and adoption of diagnostic assay development programs, a range of natural and engineered infectious disease materials, in-kit controls and third party reference materials.

"With the recent advances in breakthrough drug therapies for HIV, HCV and other virologic diseases, more of our key IVD customers are developing assays for the major global initiatives seeking to identify  and subsequently treat those infected with the proper therapies, combining SeraCare's deep expertise in supporting advanced diagnostics development with ViveBio's groundbreaking ViveST technology will give diagnostics developers economical solutions to specimen collection and stabilization, coupled with QC tools that will help improve the diagnostic reach and performance of these tests," says Trevor W. Brown, Vice President of the SeraCare's Precision Medicine Business Unit.

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