CMIC: Comprehensive Bioanalytical Services to Optimize Drug Development

Mike Suga, President & CEO
The pharmaceutical and biotech arena is mainly driven by enormous potential to treat a wide array of human diseases using a diverse class of therapeutic products. In this era of ever changing technologies and therapeutic approaches, bio-analytical laboratories or CROs need to diligently reassess new technologies and operational methodology to support rapid characterization and quantification needs. With more than 30 years of bioanalysis experience in supporting wide range of drug development programs, CMIC, Inc. has accumulated enormous “know-how” and consistently demonstrated its scientific expertise in the field. “Innovation is part of our corporate DNA. We are investing ahead of the curve in new technologies— becoming a strong arm to our clients resolving their most challenging bioanalysis issues,” says Mike Suga, President, and CEO of CMIC. “We directly participate in bioanalysis global harmonization, seamlessly supporting drug development efforts across continents with rapid and smooth tech transfer.”

Bioanalysis is used very early on in the drug development process to provide support to drug discovery programs. It also plays a critical role throughout the preclinical and clinical drug development phases for decision-making and into post-marketing support. “The bio¬analytical market is becoming competitive and fragmented. In order to thrive in this market, the CRO must proffer high quality data and deliver it at reasonable cost,” adds Suga. “The continued need to provide quality, flexible, and secure data is fast posing as a challenge.” Upon acquiring their Chicago lab last year, CMIC invested in the latest generation of computer servers, data storage and security software to further ensure the security of their data.The company brought on additional modules on their LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and learned the processes around the lab to further enhance their data quality. These improvements along with joining the larger CMIC group continue to support CMIC’s strategic program management offerings such as Toxicokinetics, Pharmacokinetic, Pharmacodynamic, and clinical value chain.

We invest ahead of curve in new technologies so that we can become a strong arm to resolve our clients’ most challenging bioanalysis issues

According to Suga, biomarkers are rapidly being incorporated in drug development plans to support successful candidate filing package. “Today, there is a need to properly select relevant biomarkers and measure across both non-clinical studies and clinical trials,” explains Suga. “To support the need of measuring biomarkers, we as CMIC group are expanding our scientific knowledge and process by utilizing our technological platforms through high-sensitivity LC-MS/MS, sophisticated ELISA such as MSD (Chicago), Gyro and Alpha Screen (Japan).” The company assists clients with the best ways to strategize and implement R&D and commercialization of their biotech products.

When CMIC, Inc.’s predecessor decided to enter the bioanalytical CRO market in U.S., they made the bold investment to purchase land and build a lab from a green field in the vicinity of Chicago O’Hare International Airport, the hub of clinical supply logistics. This frontier spirit is well inherited by CMIC even after the acquisition, and the company continues to see Chicago as CMIC’s U.S. investment hub. They are in the process of integrating not only the bioanalysis lab, but also an animal lab and a CMC lab in Japan— looking at opportunities in the other part of the world. “Through investments, improvements, and the company’s 6,000 talented team members, CMIC can provide a total solution for their clients and truly be a pharmaceutical value creator,” concludes Suga.


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Mike Suga, President & CEO

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