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Reed George, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Subbu Rayavarapu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
The Biotech/Pharma sector is on a growth spurt owing to the phenomenal acceleration in the trends of cutting-edge science. However, when it comes to the clinical development arena within the Biotech/Pharma world, the rate of technology adoption has been modest. “Clinical development departments have a tough time navigating functional inefficiencies and technological restraints,” begins Subbu Rayavarapu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of etera solutions. "For example, many other industries captured data electronically years before it was accepted in the Biotech/Pharma industry." Furthermore, the lack of process transparency and flexible programming solutions complicates the clinical development scenario and impedes organizations from achieving high performance, project goals, and business targets. The intent to trounce these challenges, “we founded etera solutions to deliver high quality, adaptable technical and programming solutions for clinical trial and medical device firms to streamline their development processes,” says Reed George, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of etera solutions. “Our many years of experience in project resourcing, data management, application development, process improvement, statistical programming, and programming compliance help us to deliver unfaltering consulting and functional services for our clients.” The company combines unmatched expertise with transparency to create integrated solutions across all functions. “The three key fundamentals that define our work at etera are—Accountability, Expertise, and Commitment,” states George.

etera carves a distinct solutions offering by rendering enterprise-class technical and analysis programming services. Towards this, the company brings an innovative approach to mitigate the technological setbacks faced during data collection, data analysis, and data submission. “We efficiently deal with the technical and programming needs of the Biotech/Pharma firms by incorporating some of the industry’s best practices, but mostly assessing what is the best practice for the firm,” affirms George. The company follows industry guidance and standards, in-house process-built procedures, and foolproof programming methods to build reliable technical and programming processes for clients steering them towards the path of business empowerment and success.

The company also recognizes the value of adhering to regulatory compliance regulations for maximizing the efficacy of their technical solutions and services.

Our ability to maintain a balance between the transparency of our processes and the privacy of patient data helps us to uphold compliance mandates

In this regard, etera goes hand-in-hand, for example, with the FDA’s latest directives to ensure maintenance and control of standard clinical development processes. “Our nexus of programming services, which include data monitoring, CDISC standards, system and result validation, and integrated summaries, follow standard procedures to ensure accurate and qualitative results,” says Rayavarapu. “Additionally, our ability to maintain a balance between the transparency of our processes and the privacy of patient data helps us to uphold compliance mandates,” he adds.

etera broadens the scope and range of its clinical solutions by offering both on-site and off-site programming support services. “We enable our highly-qualified, integrated programming teams to show up at the client’s location or to work with the client remotely, assisting our clients in attaining considerable traction in each segment of clinical development,” states Rayavarapu. “Our distinctive understanding about the precise needs of Biotech/Pharma firms enables us to tailor best-in-class solutions to suit their workflow and clinical procedures.”

etera’s prowess lies in deeply understanding the technical and programming trends of the clinical trial space. “Our approach and dedication to comply with strict deadlines, to hire exceptional, seasoned professionals, and to forge long-lasting client relationships help bolster our place as a resource provider in the Biotech/Pharma arena,” says George. “Our concrete belief in simplifying every process is an integral part of our philosophy and culture.”

Serving esteemed clientele, etera’s prospective plans include extending a software as a service (SaaS) delivery model to offer range of products. Envisioning an exciting future, etera solutions continues to seek better ways to offer their cutting-edge solutions for the Biotech/Pharma sector

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Reed George, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Subbu Rayavarapu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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