goBalto: Optimizing Clinical Studies

Jae Chung, President & Founder
Pharmaceutical companies are constantly looking to innovate and perform business operations in smarter ways, as the costs of drug development have continued to escalate. It is a race against time to develop drugs that save lives and ease suffering. And while the healthcare industry has made tremendous strides, an area that remains frustratingly slow are the clinical trial. San Francisco-based goBalto develops next-generation, cloud-based solutions that simplify clinical trials conducted in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices sectors. “We provide automated “smart” workflows with real-time metrics, which ensure regulatory and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) compliance making it easier to spot study bottlenecks,” asserts Jae Chung, President and Founder, goBalto.

Business intelligence initiatives continue to top life science executive agendas, as they demand greater visibility into trial statuses. Manually prepared data is often too old to reliably represent status, and readily proving that the team is on track is an ongoing challenge. As sponsors need interactive, real-time answers about study startup statuses, it is essential for them to understand what it takes for all sites to complete tasks in a timely manner so that, steps can be taken to turn more sites into high achievers. Going by this trend, goBalto offers an innovative solution that addresses the cumbersome, manual, error prone processes in starting clinical trials –Study Startup (SSU)–which accelerates clinical trials through site selection, feasibility, and activation. “Our industry proven SaaS SSU solution integrates via APIs with other cloud-based solutions, such as the clinical trial management systems (CTMS), electronic data capture (EDC), and the electronic master file (eTMF)–an integration of ‘best of breeds’ eClinical solutions.”

goBalto’s Activate and Analyze solution offerings comprise of best-in-class tools to track documents and activities. Activate’s “smart” workflows enable anytime, anywhere access to site activation metrics and data.Activate streamlines the activation of sites for clinical trials and guides study teams to complete the required task for any site, country, or study based on regulatory and SOP requirements.

We provide real-time metrics which makes it easier to spot study bottlenecks, ensuring regulatory and SOP compliance

The firm’s analytics tool—Analyze enables team members and partners to interact with the data, run ad-hoc reports in real-time, and create data visualizations across multiple trials as part of monitoring strategy. Further it helps sponsors and CROs to maintain control over studies that are often conducted in multiple countries.

“We work closely with our customers through our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) to collaborate with industry organizations, ensuring that our products are addressing their needs,” says Chung. “We use an agile programming methodology so that we can rapidly respond to customer requests for prototyping of solutions to address their specific pain points.” In one instance, a multinational pharmaceutical company approached goBalto to reduce their study start-up time to maintain their study workflows. They faced a stiff challenge, as they did not have an automated task assignment, which stalled progress on corporate productivity goals. The company used goBalto’s Activate to install, configure, and support the application. Each member of the startup team was issued an Activate account, then granted access to the study based on each member’s role and need to access study data. Instead of relying on, to-do lists and spreadsheets to determine what tasks to complete, they used Activate’s alerts-based workflows to gain better visibility into which activities were next, and the status of outstanding activities.

goBalto is en route to bring life saving therapies faster than ever before. With a proven commitment to customer success, innovation, and study startup optimization, the firm changes the way, leading global pharma and CRO customers approach business processes.


San Francisco, CA

Jae Chung, President & Founder

Develops web-based solutions for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries