20 Most Promising Biotech Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising Biotech Solution Providers - 2018

Biotech is transforming rapidly into a highly developed and innovative industry. Scientific developments are making highly personalized medicines a reality, and new approaches that harness the immune system to fight serious diseases are being regularly developed. In fact, the things that have been a part of yesterday’s science fiction are now becoming the latest biotech trends.

By using sophisticated computing platforms and newer technologies, biotech organizations are deciphering the secret of genetics, defining new drug targets, speeding up drug discovery process and enhancing clinical diagnosis. Similarly, big data and analytics are being adopted in biotech research and development processes to gain imminent insights into clinical data for better and faster decision making.

Today, there are numerous solution providers in the market and zeroing in on one is an uphill task for biotech companies. To simplify the scenario, we have analyzed scores of biotech solution providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the arena. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview has selected a list of biotech solution providers. The companies featured in this issue exhibit extensive business process knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the biotech space.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Biotech Solution Providers - 2018.”

Company Name

Company Description

Appistry A scientific software company that provides next-generation sequencing analysis solutions to improve clinical decisions
ATUM Offers an integrated pipeline of tools including gene design, optimization and synthesis, expression vectors, and platforms for protein and strain engineering and production
BioXcel A biopharmaceutical company providing application for big data analytics and machine learning-based artificial intelligence integrated with drug development expertise
Cytek Biosciences With Cytek’s flow cytometry technology, scientists can obtain deeper insights from a single sample that can translate to the clinic and improve patient monitoring and treatment for various diseases
Digital Infuzion Provider of translational informatics services and solutions to support lient requirements and programs in population genomics, comparative effectiveness, and personalized medicine
DNAnexus Provides a global network for sharing and management of genomic data and tools to accelerate genomics
EDETEK A provider of clinical data management platform
Forte Provides software and services in the critical areas of clinical trial management, clinical data management and research administration for cancer centers, academic medical centers and health systems
Golden Helix Helps genetic research groups working with large-scale DNA-sequencing or microarray data in overcoming the challenges of bioinformatics roadblocks
Hawkins Point Partners Offers non-prescriptive solution architecture and collaboratively craft solutions to address specific business challenges
Illumina Unlocking the power of the genome to transform healthcare and beyond
MediSapiens A company building easy-to-use software to manage, analyze and visualize the vast pool of biomedicaldata and digitalize bio-businesses
Pacific Biomarkers Provider of extensive scientific, regulatory, and technology expertise to drug manufacturers for developing drugs quickly and cost effectively
Pressure BioSciences A life sciences company that pioneered the Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT)
QIAGEN N.V. A global provider of Sample to Insight solutions that enable customers to gain valuable molecular insights from samples containing the building blocks of life
Skalable Technologies Provider of consulting services and integration development in ERP and BI space across various verticals like biotech, manufacturing, healthcare, and non-profit
SOLABS Provides an integrated Enterprise Quality Management System software that helps biotech-based companies enhance their operational efficiency and audit response times
TetraScience Provides a data integration platform to bring data from various sources, such as instruments, CRO/CMOs, and software systems, to a single, cloud-based dashboard
The Hyve Provider of open source bioinformatics and translational research solutions and services
Waters Corporation Develops innovative analytical science solutions to support customer discoveries, operations, performance, and regulatory compliance across various industries