20 Most Promising Biotech Technology Solution Providers 2014

The increasing use of sensors on the manufacturing floor, the network of Internet of Things has the amenities to improve patient outcomes and eventually take the biotech vertical to new horizons and beyond. Making transformation in the biotech industry possible, here are the 20 Most Promising Biotech Technology Solution Providers 2014.

Company Name

Company Description

AstridBio Specialized in building tools for research data management, data analysis, data storage and integration, data-mining and biostatistics.
BioIQ Provides a technology platform that transforms the healthcare experience by personalizing the process of connecting individuals with health measurement opportunities.
BioIT Solutions A recognized leader in advanced computational, workflow and data management solutions for biotech research, drug development and diagnostics
Code-N Technology Cloud computing company that empowers the BioPharma industry to transform healthcare through next-generation semantic technology.
Dotmatics Provides comprehensive solutions which include tools for knowledge management, data storage, enterprise querying and reporting, data analysis and visualization.
IMS Health A company helping healthcare to perform better by applying cutting-edge analytics and proprietary application suites hosted on the IMS One intelligent cloud.
Integromics A provider of state-of-the-art bioinformatics software solutions for data management and data analysis in genomics and proteomics.
Labcyte Provider of innovative solutions, to enhance personalized medicine programs, streamline DNA/RNA diagnostic testing, optimize drug discovery pipelines and accelerate life science research
MedIntelliBase Provides customized cloud and mobile intelligence services to satisfy the highly specialized information collection and reporting needs of medical life sciences executives.
MediSapiens A company which hosts the world's largest unified gene A company which builds easy-to-use software to analyze and visualize the vast pool of genomics data.
Ocimum Biosolution Global integrated genomic services company providing comprehensive Bioinformatic services, Reference databases, Genomic services and LIMS solutions.
PepGel A company delivering the novel capabilities of hydrogel to support cell culture research and medical device applications to the life science industry.
Rancho BioSciences A scientific data consulting company focused onto data curation and organization of public and internal data sets.
Rubicon Genomics A company providing pre-analytical amplification technologies.
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation We offer a variety of products for molecular biology, protein expression and Proterozoic, cell biology, functional genomics, and transgenic components
Statistics & Data Corporation A company committed to provide biostatistics and data management services. They also offer full service clinical trial solutions.
Sylogent A provider of cloud based software that delivers business process automation solutions.
Technical Instruments Provides microscopy products and services to the biomedical and industrial industries and also helps to handle data, storage and management processes.
TeselaGen Biotechnology It develops software systems for large scale production of DNA assemblies and combinatorial libraries.
Title21 Health Solutions A user-centric and innovative technology company that offers fully-integrated and flexible solutions to health science organizations.
Tonbo Biosciences Provides microscopy products and services to the biomedical and industrial industries and also helps to handle data, storage and management processes.